Remedy Staffing Eastern Iowa

Remedy’s Cedar Rapids, Iowa operation was established in June 1, 1998 by Timothy C. Schminke and Susan V. Schminke. On March 23, 2009 operations were expanded into Waterloo, Iowa and Iowa City, Iowa with the purchase of the WeStaff offices in each of these locations.

The Cedar Rapids, Waterloo and Iowa City offices of Remedy are a “blades of grass” business. We have a number of small and medium sized clients who use our services weekly for two to four associates. In addition, the operation has four on-site locations servicing 250 associates weekly. We are familiar with the “can do” skills and “will do” attributes of successful employees, and has an extremely enthusiastic staff, excellent reputation for quality and professionalism and superior customer service.

The Schminkes haven chosen to work and live in Cedar Rapids and have been members of the Cedar Rapids area community for several years. They are committed to the community’s growth, both personally and professionally.