Safety and Loss Prevention Services

Safety and Loss Prevention Courses


Accident Investigation with Root Cause Analysis
Cost of Accidents
Introduction and the Basics
The Six-Step Investigation Process
Implementing Preventive Measures
Hands-on Exercises

Developing a Safety and Health Program
Costs of Accidents
Safety and Health Program Guidelines
Safety and Health Payoffs (ROI)
Management System (S&H Integration)
Worksite Analysis
Hazard Prevention and Control
OSHA Required Written Programs
Safety and Health Training
Creating Change

What is Ergonomics
Benefits of Ergonomics
Musculoskeletal Disorders
Risk Factors (work-related and non-work-related)
Control Techniques
Work Practice
Ergonomics Program Design
OSHA’s Strategy

OSHA Recordkeeping
Who is Affected
Required Forms
Recording Criteria – What must be recorded, How to record information
Recording Requirements – Deadlines, Accessibility, Records retention
Reporting Fatalities and Catastrophes
Hands-on Exercises

Risk Management Best Practices
Introduction to Risk Management and Loss Control
Cost of Accidents
Applicant Screening 
Employee Selection (Red Flags)
Employee Orientation
Drug Testing and Background Checks
Preparing for On-the-job Accidents
Return to Work Programs
Accident Investigation


Safety Program Design including Training Program Development
Mock OSHA Compliance Inspections
Ergonomic Evaluations
Hazard Assessments for Personal Protective Equipment Selection
Job Safety Analysis
Development and Implementation of Behavioral Based Safety Programs