5 things employers should remember about parking lot safety


5 things employers should remember about parking lot safety

Your company likely does quite a bit to keep its employees safe when they're under your roof. There are all kinds of trainings and safety measures you can put into place to ensure they can get the job done without worrying about an incident that could harm them, but you may not be doing all you can on this front.

That's because your safety efforts shouldn't just start at your front door, but rather the edge of your property, including your parking lots. You can make the following changes to your safety protocols to improve parking lot safety with relative ease:

1) Keep the area clean and in good shape

One of the most common parking lot accidents is a worker who slips, trips or stumbles on uneven pavement, debris or ice and snow, according to Travelers. As such, one of the simplest and most effective changes you can make here is to be more diligent in your parking lot maintenance. That means patching potholes, clearing up trash regularly, salting ice and getting it plowed in the event of snowfall.

2) Put up signs and lanes

The risk of a collision is, obviously, other big hazard in any place where people and vehicles are both moving, Travelers noted. Among the easiest ways to reduce this risk is to clearly denote where it is safe to walk and safe to drive, as well as put up signs reminding people where to stop or yield, what the speed limit is and so on. That extra visual reminder will help reduce risk.

3) Let drivers know about proper behavior

Along similar lines, you should hold a brief training session about how you expect your employees to drive on your property, according to the National Safety Council. That should include not to cut across empty parking spaces (sticking to marked lanes only), keeping their headlights on, obeying the speed limit, staying off their phones and so on. Many of these are common sense but should be reinforced regularly.

4) Light it up

You never want to create a situation where even two people behaving as expected results in an accident because visibility was low, the National Safety Council advised. As such, you should strive to ensure your parking lot is well-lit at all times, and replace any burned-out bulbs as soon as possible. Doing so will also likely reduce the number of crimes that might occur on your property by discouraging would-be criminals from illegal behavior.

5) Use a buddy system

Finally, even all of the above measures are not enough to fully ensure individuals' safety whenever possible, and for that reason, it's a good idea for anyone coming in early or leaving late to walk through the lot with a buddy, according to Scrivens. This not only reduces risk, but also helps ensure that if something does go wrong, there's one extra person there to deal with the situation.

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