6 tips to improve teamwork skills in your office


6 tips to improve teamwork skills in your office

No matter what kind of workplace your organization has — from a warehouse to a professional services office and everything in between — teamwork will serve everyone under your roof well. Moreover, when you are confident that all employees, teams and departments can work together as easily and seamlessly as possible, your organization as a whole will continue to improve over time.

The following tips will help you achieve that level of confidence in your employees, and their abilities to reduce interpersonal friction in the workplace:

1) Encourage better communication and listening

Being able to work together effectively starts with the ability to get ideas across — and be confident that they will be clearly understood, according to The Balance Careers. For that reason, training around communicating thoughts (in writing, in presentations and in personal conversation) and how to actively listen for, identify and process key pieces of information will be critical.

2) Focus on conflict resolution

Unfortunately, anytime you have people working together, conflicts large and small are inevitable, The Balance Careers noted. The key, then, is being able to overcome them with skills training that helps you resolve disagreements with as little friction as possible. Even if these types of issues do arise, they're always something you can get past as a team.

3) Think about time management

Everyone can likely do a better job of handling how they spend their hours on the clock, and improve their ability to hit deadlines on time (or even early), according to Herzing University. This can be a small positive for any individual, but collectively, the impact can be substantial if time management becomes a point of pride for your organization.

4) Help people advocate for their ideas in collaborative efforts

When your employees have to come together to work on a project, this should be a highly collaborative time — but some people just aren't comfortable throwing their ideas out there and feeling as though they'll be considered or accepted, Herzing University advised. When you can get employees to speak up for themselves, there's a greater chance you'll find a novel approach that helps everyone in the end.

5) Improve feedback

Likewise, you should strive to ensure your employees are comfortable with both giving and receiving feedback, according to Workplace. That way, any potential issues are brought into the open and discussed without hurting feelings or leading to conflict. Your employees should always be able keep in mind that there can be constructive criticism without ill will.

6) Boost accountability

It's also important that employees be able to own missteps and believe there are positive steps they can take to get back on the right track, Workplace said. When you are active in your efforts to talk about accountability in the workplace, everyone can accept that mistakes happen but they don't have to be the end of the world. Fixes are always available to correct any lingering issues.

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