6 signs it's time to change career paths


6 signs it's time to change career paths

For many people, their career is something they're passionate about, and they love going to work every day. Unfortunately, though, that's not true of everyone — and some people could really use a change. However, it's not always easy to tell if you're just in a natural low point in the ebbs and flows of your job, or if you need to make a more dramatic move.

Want to be sure that a potential career change is right for you? Read on to learn some of the signs that you could benefit from such a shift:

1) If you feel drained after every day of work

A job you don't love can be draining, both mentally and physically, and if that sounds familiar, that's probably not a good sign, according to Career Shifters. While this can certainly happen to anyone for a few days, a week or even more, if it's a persistent problem, you might want to start looking at other options.

2) If you can't stop thinking about work

While it's one thing to be constantly thinking about your job because you love it and can't stop talking about it, but thinking about it all negatively is a big issue, Career Shifters noted. That can be especially true if you find yourself struggling to get to sleep because of these racing thoughts.

3) If you're really bored with what you do

When you go to work dutifully every day and put in your 100% effort, but the work that used to excite you now feels like drudgery, that's another great sign you've landed in a rut, according to The Muse. Here, too, this is a feeling that is natural from time to time, but if it's a feeling that crops up again and again over the course of a few months, that's probably a warning sign.

4) If you find yourself envying other people's jobs

If you find yourself daydreaming about changing careers because you keep hearing about what friends or family are doing in their own jobs, that might be something worth pursuing, The Muse added. Especially if you're wondering about jobs that are completely different from what you do today, a pivot might be a judicious decision.

5) You feel like you're not going anywhere

Likewise, if you feel like you've more or less "topped out" in your career and don't have a lot of options for upward or lateral movement, a change of scenery could be a good idea, according to Northeastern University. Whether that means moving on from your current company or an entirely different career, you may want to explore your options.

6) You feel like you don't make enough to deal with the hassle

One of the reasons many people stay in jobs they don't necessarily feel passionate about is because they are well-compensated for what they do, Northeastern University said. But if you feel like that's not the case, or if the money isn't worth the tradeoff, moving on is something you might want to consider.

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