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4 crucial job search tips


4 crucial job search tips

Looking for a new job can be time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be difficult. There are a few basic tips that should aid in any such search, and job seekers would be wise to seek out expert advice on the matter.

Here are just a few of the best ideas for how to nail the basics of a job search without stressing yourself out:

1. Rely on the people you know

As with so many other things in life, finding a job is usually a story of who you know, according to recruiting expert Nick Corcodilos, speaking with Daily Nurse. Indeed, while many people will start their job hunts with online searches, the vast majority of hires are made because an applicant knew someone at the company or otherwise had a personal connection that helped them land the interview.

As such, it's important to think about who you know in your chosen industry and whether that person may know of any open positions that would meet your qualifications. In general, you should really only reach out to people who know you well, but that's an important resource to tap first and foremost.

2. Connect your documents to the company

This is a common note from career experts that all too often goes ignored by candidates: The language in their cover letter and resume should at least somewhat reflect the company's overall, according to HR experts Rachel Montanez and Kim Hoffman, writing for Forbes. That means carefully reading the job listing or the company's website and identifying keywords that can be woven into the documents.

No one is expecting a one-to-one mirroring of the language, but if you include the words or phrases that seem most pertinent to the position and why you're interested in it, you will definitely come across as someone who "gets" what the company is seeking.

3. Don't forget to send thank-you letters

One common act of courtesy that sometimes gets ignored when people interview for jobs is they don't always send a note of some kind to the people with whom they interviewed, thanking them for the opportunity, Montanez and Hoffman noted. However, doing so can go a long way toward not only making sure they stay front-of-mind for a hiring executive, but also can make a good impression of a candidate as thoughtful and respectful.

While some people send thank-you emails, and they're always appreciated by their recipients, Hoffman notes that to really stand out, candidates should send something brief but handwritten in the mail.

4. Be proactive

The idea that good things come to those who wait might not always apply in the business world, especially when job openings are involved, according to the Chicago Tribune. In general, it's a smart idea to simply always be on the lookout for new opportunities, both within your current organization and externally. Whether you're looking to move up the career ladder or just looking for a change, there will be plenty of opportunities if you're proactive in seeking them out.

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