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Mindfulness and yoga may complement your career


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The craziness of job seeking, not to mention the fast pace of many modern jobs can make the American workforce feel stressed out. Many people are able to get adequate exercise to mitigate feelings of stress, but others turn to less healthy alternatives, which can include eating too much, eating unhealthy foods, abusing alcohol or drugs, or picking up and maintaining other vices. Fortunately, there are other ways to relax and focus, and yoga and meditation are two ancient practices that can help your career.

Be in the moment
Work-related anxiety can come from a variety of sources including the pressure to perform, meet deadlines, compete with coworkers and to obtain a promotion and subsequent higher salary. Meditation and mindfulness are two techniques to refocus the mind and body. Individuals can subsequently feel more relaxed and in the present moment after participating in each activity. In fact, Forbes presented an article about how some professionals have derived benefits from meditation. First of all, the practice can be done anywhere at any time. If a meeting is driving you crazy, rather than sit and seethe, it may be helpful to simply attend to the breath: Focus on each inhale and each exhale until the feeling has passed, or it is no longer a nuisance. The source noted individuals may consider meditating while they are walking on their lunch hour, or to set an alarm for 10 minutes earlier each morning to have meditation time. The goal of meditation is to feel more grounded and aware of what is happening, instead of focusing on the anxieties and other narratives that are created in one's mind.

According to the source,  you can meditate, however briefly, at your desk during the day if you find that you just need a few moments to remember the present experience and to refocus your energy. This can lead to greater creativity and an enhanced attention span - both of which are useful in just about any profession under the sun.

Stretch it out
Yoga can help some people to feel more relaxed, but it also has benefits which are a little different to meditation only. The Muse connected the practice of yoga with career assistance, namely, how it can enable some individuals to feel more self-confident. Taking a yoga class may feel awkward at first, but as you continue to practice you may learn how to better connect breathing with movement, you will feel more adept in the practice, and you might also make new friends in classes you take regularly. All of these elements combined together can help people feel bolder and self-secure, which can come in very handy when leading a big meeting or asking for a promotion.

Additionally, yoga can reduce stress in some individuals. The source added that the movement and breathing together can help people focus on the present moment, while some of the postures promote release and relaxation. Taking time out from a busy schedule to enjoy a yoga class is also a form of self-care. Some people may observe that even such a small move can help them feel more comfortable in their day-to-day encounters.

However you choose to de-stress is a personal matter, but trying something natural that works with the body's rhythms may have hidden benefits that come off the yoga mat and into the office.

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