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What to expect from a startup job


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For a unique job experience, look no further than working for a startup company. Your employer will most likely be young, full of ideas and ask a great deal of his or her employees. Seeking out a position with a firm in its early days can be extremely rewarding, but also on the challenging side. If you are looking to rejoin the workforce in an entirely different way or want a truly fast-paced position, consider looking for startup-based roles. However, before you take the leap, here are a few things to think about and perhaps discuss with a recruiter or other trusted employment professional.

Start on social media
Many startups require their employees to be tech-savvy, and this means more than just being able to use Microsoft Word and Adobe Suite. Boost your resume by learning the ins and outs of social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook - and not just for your own benefit. Look into how companies may use these sites for business purposes, and how your desired employer has - or has not - created its presence.

USA Today suggested that you also keep your profiles current. More modern companies will be looking at how you conduct yourself on social media. If you share information publicly, which is considered an asset to some employers, ensure that the descriptions and posts reflect your interests, your strengths and your personality.  It is particularly important to keep LinkedIn updated, the source added, because companies looking for talent online will search using keywords. Add the right terms to describe your experience and your background to become visible to the right people.

Be prepared to work
If you have been easily bored by jobs in the past, then a startup might be right for you. Because of such a company's possible fluid nature, you may be hired to complete one task, and then learn that you are being asked to work on others. This can be a great way to add skills to your resume and to learn - quickly. However, an article published by an Entrepreneur contributor advised that you also need to be honest with yourself and whether you can be flexible with your role. Your work may not be clearly defined, which can be great if you're an energetic ideas person, but can be frustrating to someone who needs to know what he or she is expected to do. 

Say "hello" to flexibility
Sick of the cube life? A startup might offer the variety you desire. As companies grow and move, so do their office spaces. If you're hired in the really early days of a new firm, you may find yourself working from the CEO's kitchen table, a shared office space or Starbucks. This means you'll need a laptop or tablet, which may not be provided by the company, so be sure you have your own. The Balance offered up some of the other lax perks one can expect from a startup job, including the ability to work remotely the chance to work when you want, rather than set hours, and a more casual atmosphere. More established startup companies are also interested in their workers' well-being, so they may offer unique features like free food, gym memberships or a quirky office space and allow pets to visit the office on set days.

If you want to try something innovative, a startup job may be the path to a great and interesting career. However, those seeking true stability and predictability may not thrive in this kind of work environment, so be sure to speak to others employed by startup companies, recruiters or  employment professionals for advice before you hit "apply."

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