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Shipping / Receiving Manager


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Remedy Staffing is currently seeking a shipping and receiving manager. This position typically has a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  • Maintaining inventory records, including keeping track of which items are running low, ordering new supplies, and monitoring inventory levels
  • Ensuring that all procedures for receiving and shipping are followed correctly
  • Managing the shipping department and overseeing employees who work in this department
  • Managing inventory by ordering new supplies as needed, and disposing of obsolete materials
  • Making sure equipment is working properly and ordering repairs when needed
  • Managing inventory records and working with suppliers to ensure that all materials are delivered on time
  • Scheduling deliveries and pickups to ensure they happen on time
  • Coordinating with other departments such as accounting and human resources to ensure that paperwork is filed correctly
  • Scheduling employees’ work hours and training them in proper shipping techniques

Pay: 70K Depending on experience

Schedule: 6Am to 6PM – Must have flexibility

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