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Trash Dock Attendant

Job Description

  • Trash Dock Attendants are responsible for properly disposing of the various types of trash coming out of the facility while maintaining a clean and safe work environment.  With organic wastes, recyclable materials, and general land fill trash coming out of the facility during two production shifts six days per week, around the clock dock maintenance is required.
  • Trash Dock Attendants are responsible for loading and emptying recycling bailers, dumping trash into compactors, and keeping food debris off of the dock floor as well as from around the compactors. 
  • Additional tasks required as time permits include picking up litter around the building perimeter, fence line, and parking lots and foaming the dock area with chemicals to clean and disinfect. 
  • Safe operation of a forklift is required to move and dump bins of trash, load and unload trucks and to bring processing and sanitation chemicals into the facility.  Other tools needed to perform the required tasks include brooms, squeegees, shovels, hoses, and chemical foaming tank. 
  • All appropriate personal protective equipment must be worn, and good manufacturing practices must be followed as described during orientation and refresher training sessions.



Job Requirements



  • Safe forklift operation skills (Certification from an accredited school required)
  • Lifting up to 50lbs
  • Standing and/or walking for periods >8 hour




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