Topping Machine Operator

Fort Myers, FL

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Immediate openings, Full time, Lots of opportunity for advancement! 

Full-Time / 3rd Shift (10:00 PM - 7:00 AM) / Monday - Sunday

Topping Machine Operator - Production Bakery

We are currently searching for experienced production or food service works for a Topping Machine Operator position at a Production Bakery in East Fort Myers. This is a full-time position with mandatory overtime Monday – Sunday (individuals must be able to work Saturdays and Sundays when needed). The Topping Operator monitors the line personnel, product and equipment periodically to ensure compliance with Company Standards and Policy.  It is the responsibility of the Topping Operator to ensure the equipment is operating sufficiently, that product is being produced in safe and sanitary manner, and the line personnel are following Good Manufacturing Practices and work procedures. Topping Operators are typically responsible for the flowing activities, on a rotational basis.  

Duties may include but are not limited to:  

  • Prepares line for production
  • Responsible for recording, and reporting downtime.
  • Performs routine adjustments online equipment to maintain product specifications.
  • Requests assistance in trouble-shooting and reports all non-conformances.
  • Communicates problems or changes in quality to appropriate personnel.
  • Monitors and record raw, packaging materials and ingredient codes
  • Understand the concepts and participate in the techniques of the quality process.
  • Inspect topping line for sanitation and USDA compliance.
  • Performs Startup check list
  • Follow Safety Guidelines in accordance with Safe Practices and Job Safety Analysis.
  • Participates in the Work Safe Process.
  • Complete all reports in a legible manner.
  • Performs other duties assigned by supervision.
  • Responsible for adhering to FSQ guidelines and supporting the overall QRMP process.

Minimum Requirements

  • Previous experience in the operation of industrial machinery, preferred.
  • Good communication skills (English), verbal and written.
  • Computer skills preferred.
  • Ability to analyze data.
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds.
  • Ability to push, pull, reach, bend, crawl, and work in awkward positions.
  • Some level of mechanical aptitude (operator experience preferred).
  • Ability to work in a warm and cold environment 
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate and instruct people.
  • Good math skills
  • A reasonable amount of care must be taken while performing each task to avoid equipment damage and equipment downtime.
  • Person must be able to work Saturdays and Sundays when needed.
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