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Receiving Material Handler 1

Tallahassee, FL

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Location: Tallahassee, FL

Schedule: Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:30pm

Pay: $14/ph


1. Working Data

a. Sending an email and calls to buyers regarding issues that cannot be received product following up with buyers a day after. Sending product back after 14 days to the plant. (Case by case scenario).

b. Entering data in the access databases to be documented and printing out a ticket.

c. Developing a relationship with the buyers. d. Database Audits Weekly

2. Early Receipts

a. Working early receipt workflow excel database and clearing it once it’s resolved and received in.

b. Communicating with others on the team about resolving early receipts.

c. Communicating to buyer if there is an issue closing early receipts after they said it was resolved.

3. Hot Items Express

a. Moving receiving items to shipping side if needed at plant with proper documentation.

b. Logging items in the notebook that are parts.

c. Communicating with shipping material handler that part needs to be logged in on truck.

4. Hazmat Items

a. Correctly relabeling Hazmat Items upon receival by lot number.

b. Taking any requests for items from the plant to be relabeled. ( Bigger Projects Travis)

c. Updating Hazmat Consumables Database.

d. Anything that has a Date of Expiration needs a label.

5. Back up for 2 other receivers.

a. Help with other roles and responsibilities when behind in receiving.

b. Filling in for individuals when on vacation or sick.

c. Maintaining a workflow that is consistent.

6. Forklift Certified.

a. Properly knows how to operate the forklift.

b. Responsible for unloading pallets in a safe manner.

7. Stock Ticket Audits

a. Making sure the stock tickets are correct and part in box reflects what was received in.

b. Making sure items are properly audited in its correct location.

c. Filing items every morning from the previous day.

8. Training

a. Training new individuals in their perspective receiving areas.

9. Qualifications

a. 2 Years’ Experience Receiving

b. 2 Year of Doing Receiving Computer Transactions Electronically in a WMS S

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