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Tile Setter

Honolulu, HI

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Local company seeking experienced Tile Setters!

Job Duties:

  • Form tile beds using concrete, plaster, mastic, cement, glue or mortar
  • Measure and make cut ins and shape tiles to fit in existing areas
  • Ensure that flooring materials are well-positioned, secure, and clean
  • Create decorative wall and floor designs by laying and setting mosaic tiles 
  • Tap tiles into place using tools to properly adhere tiles to the base
  • Prepare various surfaces for tiling with waterproofing material or lath and clean the surfaces properly
  • Remove existing flooring and discard materials
  • Remove all excess grout from tile joints
  • Follow safety procedures and encourage clients to do the same, where applicable


  • MUST have valid drivers license and own vehicle for position 
  • 4+ years of tile setting experience 
  • Ability to conduct independent and group work
  • Must have excellent interpersonal, organizational, and troubleshooting skills
  • Physically able to lift large and heavy equipment and materials

Pay: $25/hr - $40/hr, depending on experience 

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