Food Production- 3rd Shift


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LOVE JJ's Pies? Well now you can LOVE making them!



1st Shift (6:30am - 2:30pm)


2nd Shift (2:30pm-10:30pm)


3rd Shift (10:30pm-6:30am)


Job Requirements

•Performing any combination of hands on or mass production of pies or other baked goods

•Responsible for learning and maintaining customer standards for product specs and acceptable quality

•Must follow GMP’s, and audit/food safety requirements and guidelines; properly fill out documentation and QCQA records that measure daily performance and completion details as applicable

•Maintaining clean and sanitary work station

•Reporting any product deficiencies, food or safety concerns to Line or Production Supervisor

•Complete training for facility GMP’s (allergen protocol, contamination, etc.)

•Observing products across multiple stages, to include; ensure proper weights, baking, topping quantity/distribution, cooling timeline and packaging placement, count, label accuracy and finished good quantities stored properly

•Responsible for independent station work and team work to complete orders properly

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