Heat Treat Laboratory Technician

Elmira, NY

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Remedy Staffing is looking for a Heat Treat Lab Tech in the Elmira, NY area!



Job Summary:

Heat Treat lab technicians test materials before, during, and after production to measure the characteristics of materials and ensure that they conform to specifications.

They are responsible for:

Inspecting and testing the raw materials and products to make sure they meet required levels of quality. The main role of a lab technician is to perform quality control checks on products during their production to ensure they meet safety regulations. Depending on the goods and production process, he may check components before assembly, analyze trial products during development, or test finished goods. Read blueprints and specifications. Monitor operations to ensure that they meet production standards. Recommend adjustments to the assembly or production process. Inspect, test, or measure materials or products being produced. • Conduct Product Tests and Assessment • Identify Product Defects • Record and Report Issues

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