Route/Sales Delivery

Alexandria, LA

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Route/Sales Delivery Driver


Route/Sales CDL Driver

1st Shift




Job Purpose:

The primary role of a Route Sales position is to sell and deliver our products over an established route. They must ensure all customers (and prospective customers) have a high-quality customer service experience. They need to meet all sales goals and be able to generate new business. A Route Salesman must also be able to meet deadlines and ensure timely deliveries.

It is essential that a Route Salesman know not only this organization’s pricing and inventory, but also the pricing and inventory of the competition. Safety is also important for the Route Salesman while operating and parking their vehicle. Additionally, these professionals must be able to operate a handheld computer system for processing orders.



Employee must have completed and remain current with all SWB training requirements.

Must maintain a Louisiana Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in good standing.


Summary Description:

Drive truck or automobile over established route to sell and deliver products to the customer’s place of business. Products include beer, wine, liquor and non-alcoholic beverages. Collect money from customers, make change, and record transactions using hand held computer with printer. Call on prospective customer’s when identified. Prepare order forms and sales merchandise needs. Inform customers of new products and services. Listen to and resolve service complaints. Unload truck and verify load is accurate prior to delivery. Place stock on shelves or in the designated locations. Rotate stock items for freshness. Pick up empty containers or out of date merchandise. May assist in set up of promotional displays or issue promotional materials to customers. May directly train and supervise a helper with sales, delivery, loading and unloading responsibilities. Maintain vehicle to ensure it is road ready, clean and orderly; report issues. Maintain operational status of hand held computer order entry/ receipt system.


Equipment Frequently Used:

Sales route drivers routinely drive delivery trucks ranging from compact pick-ups to cab-over trailers. Drivers use forklifts, hand dollies and hand trucks to move product for loading and unloading. Drivers also use hand held computer order entry system with printer to record transactions and input orders. Personal Protective Equipment as required.



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