Dryer Operator

Union, SC

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-       Pushing buggies of wet terry cloth from the PAD to the dryer. This can be done manually or with the assistance of a tugger.

-       Sewing damp terry cloth into the roll before it or threading the material into the Dryer if there is no pre-existing roll.

-       Safety checks, set up, and operation of the Dryer

-       Visual inspection of the terry cloth as it runs through the machine.

-       Pushing buggies of dry terry cloth from the dryer to the cleanroom and collecting empty buggies from the cleanroom for the dryer area.

-       Immediately report any down time that has exceeded 15 minutes to the supervisor(s).

-       Performing housekeeping duties including (but not limited to) sweeping, mopping, hosing down flooring/equipment, and removing waste.

Ensure All production reports are turned in in a correct, accurate, and efficient manner.




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