Supply Chain Operators


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Schedule: Monday-Friday, 6am-2:30pm, with OT

Pay: $14/ph

Duration: 6 weeks; may extend depending on the needs of the department

Must have a clean background and pass a drug screen.

Company located in St. Marks, FL is looking for Supply Chain Operators to complete the following duties:

Pack Cleaning:

  1. Take used packs off of trailer and place on cart.
  2. Wheel cart into work area
  3. Mark out bar code on old label with marker
  4. Remove lid from pack using pack tool
  5. Mark out bar code on lid label
  6. Turn pack over and bump it to get residual powder out of pack.
  7. Stack cleaned packs in designated cleaned pack area. 

Breaking down new packs:

  1. Remove banding from bundle
  2. Take new packs and stack them in designated area 


  1. Wash Coveralls and work clothes
  2. Dry Coveralls and work clothes
  3. Fold Coveralls and work clothes
  4. Put Coveralls and work clothes in designated bins 


  1. Basic cleaning around the first bay
  2. Sweeping
  3. Wiping down common areas
  4. Removing Cob webs
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