Amherst, NY

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Assemblers Needed in a well known Manufacturing company in Amherst!

1st Shift

Job Duties:

      • Preps sub assemblies and assemblies for various products.
      • Performs pre-quality control checks on sub-assemblies to ensure proper fittings.
      • Uses raw materials to build sub-assemblies for various products (Drilling, tubing, soldering, wiring, etc.)
      • Performs final assembly of product.
      • Cleans units.
      • Fills sieve beds as needed for various products.
      • Attach labels properly to all products.
      • Tests completed units for leaks and proper wiring.
      • Package products for shipping.
      • Pulls parts from warehouse for various jobs.
      • Record keeping and documentation.
      • Maintains parts inventory.
      • Maintains reference books and drawings.
      • Informs supervisor when there are material problems like discrepant material or low inventory.
      • Responsible for all activities associated with the implementation of an ISO 9000 quality system program.
      • Able to help with the minor troubleshooting of existing products.

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