Charge Bookkeeper

Tallahassee, FL

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Full Charge Bookkeeper

8:30 to 5:30 Monday thru Thursday

8:30 – 12:30 Friday  (After training, hours can be flexible)

Pay depending on experience

$40,000 to $65,000/annually

Casual Dress Code

This position requires extensive knowledge of bookkeeping. 

Experience with accounting as it relates to inventory is a plus.

Experience in QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced Inventory a plus.

Accounts Receivable:

Requires strong experience in Accounts Receivables (Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Invoicing) Knowledge of Receiving payments and Depositing payments (double entry bookkeeping). Experience with PayPal transactions and how to post manually to bookkeeping system. Knowing the difference between a transaction that automatically posts and ones that have to be manually entered. Experience in working with ecommerce transactions from Website and Amazon. Ability to post manual sales receipts correctly, insuring inventory is kept in balance. Ability to reconcile PayPal and Amazon to bookkeeping system.

Accounts Payable:

Requires strong experience in Accounts Payable (Purchase Orders, Receive Items to Inventory, Apply bills to proper PO’s or Item Receipts.) Post operational bills on a timely basis, and keep management aware of bills coming due. Post credit card charges correctly. Have knowledge of prepayments by credit card or bank account when it has an effect on inventory. Have the ability to know the difference between an inventory item, non-inventory items and operational bills. Be willing to learn about inventory and how bookkeeping effects inventory. Know the difference between a Purchase Order that we give to a vendor and a Purchase Order that we receive from a customer.


Be able to produce a Cash Flow report and Sales report on Excel weekly.

Have the ability to look at a P and L report and know when something doesn’t look correct.

Have experience in General Journal entries.

No payroll experience necessary.

Be able to multi-task.

Extensive computer knowledge.

Strong Excel experience.

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