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Remedy staffing is looking for a forklift / material handler in the Geneva Area.

Pay rate: $16-16.75/hour

Hours M-F 7:00 am-3:30 pm

Duties include:

Warehouse / forklift operation

Milk Run:
• Keeping an inventory of all supplies (dunnage strips, styrene, plastic, cardboard) entering or exiting the warehouse.
• Safely transporting and replenishing department carts that are low on supplies (dunnage, styrene, plastic, cardboard)

Offload / Strip Racks:
• Scanning and offloading incoming racks off van trailers.
• Safely transporting racks to the right destination (warehouse and/or rack pad)
• Maintaining organization of different sized racks outside in the rack yard and/or inside the plant.
• Ensuring all racks are stripped, cleaned off, appropriately labeled and ready to be packed on.
• Identify any missing, lost, or damaged racks and immediately notify the supervisor.

Offload and Empty Cullet Tubs:
• Keeping an inventory of all cullet tubs.
• Periodically check cullet return area for tubs of glass that need to be dumped.
• Scan and receive in cullet tubs and record ID labels.
• Safely breakdown and stack empty cullet tubs.

Rack Prep:
• Read and understand production schedules.
• Be able to plan ahead for upcoming production runs.
• Supply various departments with prepared racks to meet their production schedules.

General Duties:
• Maintain a clean and safe work environment.
• Safely operate forklift, floor sweeper and rotator.
• Periodic checks on trash bins and de-dust units. (empty when full)

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