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lake mary, FL

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1. Responsible for the cleaning of corridors, guest areas, service areas and linen closets

2. Support housekeeping by removing housekeepers trash and linen bags

3. Carries trash to dumpster

4. Vacuums corridors and/or guestrooms

5. Delivers towels and supplies to guestrooms

6. Delivers towels and supplies to guestrooms

7. Vacuums public areas

8. Sweeps and mops service landings

9. Vacuums vending machine areas and keeps machines clean

10. Checks all public restrooms for cleanliness several times daily

11. Check each floor to make sure fire doors are open

12. Checks elevators for cleanliness

13. Assists with luggage handling

14. Cleans rooms when needed

15. Checks lights and changes bulbs. Responds to routine maintenance requests

16. Maintains outside grounds daily

17. Maintains all houseman equipment and organize supplies

18. Assists in the unloading of deliveries and the proper storage

19. Assists in the cleanliness and maintenance of dining and banquet

20. Assists in set up for banquet functions  


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