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On Site Supervisor

Orlando, FL

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2nd shift On-Site Manager


Job Description



  • Manage the total “temp staffing” work system at the client’s facility.
  • Act as liaison between client, associates, and branch office.
  • Solve problems and handle all potentially volatile situations. Look for ways to improve the relationship through effective resolution of problems.



  • Coordinate all communications between client, associate, and branch colleagues.
  • Check in temporary associates on a daily basis.
  • Give all new associates an orientation and site tour for the current day’s assignment.
  • Communicate with line managers and department heads to assess continuing “quality” of personnel.
  • Arrange replacement for those individuals who do not meet standards.
  • Walk the production/warehouse floor every 2 hours.



  • Responsible for overall temporary associate staffing.
  • Coordinate all order between client and branch.
  • Adjust staffing by increasing or decreasing staff to meet client needs.
  • End associate assignments either in person or via phone.
  • Counsel associates on performance, attendance, or any other issues.



  • Maintain the timekeeping system on a daily basis.


Safety & Work-Related Injuries

  • Provide Workers with safety equipment, as needed.
  • Handle all medical emergencies:
  • Evaluate severity of injury.
  • Provide first aid or obtain medical treatment, as required.
  • Complete and follow-through on all necessary paperwork; obtain “witness” statements & take photos; coordinate with Risk Management Department.
  • Monitor all work-related injuries; make sure medical appointments are kept &/or modified duty is offered.
  • Ensure a safe working environment by conducting safety walks every 2 hours.


Other Duties

  • Learn the “company culture”.
  • Build trust at all levels.
  • Develop a genuine interest and participate in the client’s meetings and company functions.


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