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Clinical Assistant


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This temporary position is designed to assist the nurse onsite with COVID-19 management and minor first aid.

Currently, this is a temporary position lasting 6 months but is subject to change.


  • Assist in monitoring COVID-19 cases by verifying employee information, logging notes, and progress.
  • Updating and maintaining employee’s medical records.
  • Communicate and tracking COVID-19 progress by conducting frequent daily meetings and evaluations with the Lynn Haven medical team and HR.
  • Collect drug screens onsite.
  • Assist in managing COVID-19 and first aid inventory.
  • Assist in managing COVID-19 Screening.
  • Manage biohazard waste.
  • Assist in minor first aid as needed.



Job Requirements


  • Integrity and Confidentiality
  • Verbal Communication
  • Written Communication
  • People Skills
  • Computer Skills



  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Medical Assistant, or EMT
  • Ability to complete work with a high level of detail
  • Ability to keep work details confidential
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