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EHS Technician


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Remedy is now hiring an EHS Technician who will be responsible for ensuring workplace conditions meet all regulations for the health and safety of all workers in the facility and maintaining and improving environmental impact of the facility.

$21.30 per hour!!!

A qualified EHS Tech has:

  • Associates degree in an Environmental Health and Safety field
  • Certifications in applicable fields: First Aid, Hazardous Waste Disposal, Government required (OSHA)
  • 2-4 years experience in the EHS field

EHS Duties:

  • Conducts and reports findings of EH&S (Environmental, Health and Safety) audits and inspections, Maintains files of EH&S audits and inspections
  • Understands the requirements of facility issued permits (currently stormwater and air), Takes immediate necessary actions to insure the site stays in compliance with all issued permits, Learns the facility waste and recycling processes and how to handle regulated waste streams, Willing to take necessary training courses to understand all aspects of EH&S compliance for the site.
  • Conducts some safety, health and environmental related training, Proficient with the company EH&S database that tracks all environmental and safety metrics.
  • Audits and maintains critical EH&S equipment and supplies (eyewash stations, spill cabinets, AED’s etc.), Participate on environmental and safety committees, lead Incident Investigations.
  • Ensure SH&E designated safety communication boards are current, safety training of transferred or new employees is complete, audit forklift operators and shipping drivers for daily inspection sheet compliance, seat belt use, safe driving performance, etc.

Technician Details:

  • Ability to drive a forklift and obtain certification on various types of vehicles used within the plant (carts, scissor lifts, etc.)
  • Hand and eye coordination, with good hand dexterity (gripping and pinching repetitively) for more than 2/3’s of work shift.
  • Lift, carry, push, or pull objects weighing 10 pounds continuously, 25 pounds repetitively and 50 pounds occasionally. Lifting or carrying objects over 50 pounds requires a two person lift, or a lift assist.
  • Bend, twist, squat, kneel, and/or stoop repetitively 6 to 8 hours per day, Reach overhead repetitively for more than 2/3’s of work shift, Stand continuously for 8 to 10 hours per day, Climb up and down stairs and ladders up to 3 hours per day.

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Job Requirements

  • Strong Written and Oral communication
  • Ability create training and to train others
  • Regularly check for general safety hazard, PPE, etc., and report them to appropriate personnel
  • Assist in development and updating of safety policies and procedures
  • Take a lead role in developing and implementing Behavior-based Safety observation program
  • Ability to work on tasks and stay motivated with little to no supervision.
  • Ability to complete tasks based on verbal and/or written communications.
  • Must have strong computer knowledge and skills (especially proficient in PowerPoint and Excel)
  • Must have demonstrated sense of responsibility, leadership skills, and accuracy in performance of past and present job assignments
  • Displays a willingness to be a servant leader and collaborate with other departments to insure EH&S objectives are met.
  • Able to lead by influence, not by position of authority. Understands that respect is always given in every circumstance and is able to develop a good rapport with other employees at all levels, including management, Broad EHS related knowledge on laws and ordinances
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