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Rochester, NY

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Job Duties:

Under the direction of the Manufacturing Supervisor, is responsible for inspection, assembly, and packing of products.

-Become familiar with product lines and all related visual defects in order to identify rejected parts.

-Visually inspects bottles retrieved from machines, conveyor lines or taken from bulk containers and makes quality decision on each part. Recognizes out-of-spec production and advises supervisor or set-up personnel.

-Perform 15-minute inspections of high volume production. -Set up work area where applicable as a controlled environment

-Wear attire consists of hats, gloves, beard masks and coats.

-Perform housekeeping responsibilities necessary to maintain a clean environment necessary for the production of media bottles throughout the shift.

-Maintain necessary paperwork levels throughout the shift (i.e. 15-minute inspection form, MQC sheet) pertaining to the production of bottles.

-Work to established QC samples.

-Alert Supervisor/Team Lead or Set-up personnel when problems first begin.

-Adhere to all company and departmental work and safety rules. Able to operate any machine or operation in department assigned


Job Requirements

Job Requirements:

-Must possess a High School diploma or a GED.

-Must be able to read, write, and understand the English language.

-Must be able to perform simple math such as add, subtract whole numbers.

-Must have excellent hand/eye coordination skills, and the ability to lift and load pallets with weights up to 35 pounds.

Professional Characteristics:

-Ability to work in a high speed, repetitive production environment.

-Must be able to work well with others in a team environment.

-Able to adjust to changing operating conditions quickly and efficiently and vary pace as required.

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