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Powder Technician - Lead

Orlando, FL

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The Powder Technician is responsible for the application of powder coat finishes to custom and standard metal architectural products as part of the manufacturing process. The painter will be required to apply finishes via both manual and automated application methods. The painter is responsible for ensuring parts are painted properly according to customer specifications while meeting all quality standards. The painter is responsible for the set up and operation of powder coat equipment to ensure complete paint coverage on parts, metal materials and sub-assemblies as they pass through the spray booth on a conveyor line. The painter is also responsible for conducting final detailed inspection and rework to ensure that the parts and product will exit the powder coat process with no flaws or defects.


Role and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate the team on conveyor line (Masking, pre-treatment, loading, painting, inspection, unloading)
  • Make quick calls for the day to day of the paint line ensuring line density/line speed is optimized.
  • Read, interpret, and follow blueprints, diagrams, engineering drawings, specifications, bills of material, and other written instructions or procedures to assemble equipment and product accurately.
  • Prepare parts for coating
  • Skillfully perform consistent color changes
  • Follow all principles and practices of powder coating application
  • Operate all coating equipment including guns, hoppers, and booth collection systems
  • Observe machine gauges and equipment operation to detect defects
  • Determine paint flow, and coating quality by performing visual inspections
  • Bake parts at appropriate temperatures within time limitations
  • Rework painted parts as needed (sand/blend/recoat)
  • Ensure that all components are produced/coated, efficiently, and are consistent with company established goals for quality and customer order on-time performance
  • Ensure safety guidelines are being met to assure a safe work environment
  • Load and unload parts or product onto fixtures
  • Proper cleaning and maintenance of equipment
  • Create and maintain work orders in computer software system
  • Actively participate in improving processes and systems.
  • Required to have proper and accurate entry in to the M1 data collection system.
  • Promote a safe and clean work environment by continuous cleaning throughout the day.
  • Work with personnel to clean the work area every day before leaving.
  • Work productively as a team member with other employees fostering a strong team mentality
  • Accurately follow OSHA guidelines and maintain compliance for all business obligations.
  • Accurately follow ISO procedures.
  • Consistently meet company set productivity guidelines
  • Consistently follows all safety instructions

Job Requirements

*** This job is located in the SANFORD area****

  • High School Diploma or equivalent required
  • Trade School Degree or 1-2 years of powder coating experience
  • Knowledge of the thermosetting resin coatings, wash, and pretreatments
  • Knowledge of Mechanics and repair of painting equipment
  • Knowledge of color matching
  • Able to rework painted parts
  • Liquid paint application is a bonus
  • Strong troubleshooting and planning skills
  • Must be able to speak, read and write English

Working Conditions:

  • The humidity level will be elevated during the summer months.
  • Exposure to specific contaminants throughout work should be expected infrequently.
  • Exposure to loud noise levels, earplugs are provided and recommended
  • Safety glasses are required on the plant floor at all times.
  • Steel toe or composite toe shoes recommended.
  • Paint suit and respirator are required to be worn while in the paint booth.

Physical Demands:

  • Must have full range of motion and be able to kneel and bend for extended periods as task may require.
  • This position requires continual use of your hands, considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping and handling materials.
  • This position requires long periods of standing
  • The use of safety equipment such as safety glasses, gloves, helmets and hearing protection is utilized daily.
  • This position requires lifting and maneuvering 50lbs. without physical restrictions and up to 70lbs. with assistance of lifting equipment or other team memberse.


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