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Daytona Beach, FL

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Now hiring Assemblers

The Assembler engages in the assembly of a firearm by performing various assembly steps. The Assembler ensures that quality standards are met or exceeded in the assembly process. 

  •  $12 per hour
  • 8 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Job Location: Daytona Beach
  • Plenty of Overtime Opportunities

 Assembler Job Duties:

  • Performs bench-type processes to complete mechanical assemblies and subassemblies using hand tools.
  • Utilizes small hand tools to perform assembly such as hammer, screw driver, electric screw driver, pliers or press machine to sub-assemble pins, springs and rods.
  • Completes prep work assignments including painting front and rear sights, arranging and organizing small parts such as pins, springs and washers.
  • Assembles recoil springs, hammer springs or firing pins using small hand tools to piece together springs, washers and rods.
  • Performs visual inspections on all materials, small parts and assembled products.
  • Reports defective materials or questionable conditions to the Assembly Supervisor.
  • Cleans and inspects firearms returning from test fire including snaking to remove gun powder residue from inside the firearm, using a cleaner to wipe down the grip and slide and checking the magazine or handling container for shell casings. 
  • Maintains the work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition and follows all safety procedures.



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