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Sanitation Tech

Orlando, FL

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Sanitation Tech



  • Sanitation Technicians are responsible for properly cleaning areas assigned to them by the Sanitation Supervisor
  • Technicians use shovels, brooms, squeegees, hoses, brushes, and any other necessary tools, alone or in combination with appropriately diluted cleaning chemicals, to perform the day-to-day assignments.
  •   Technicians must properly care for sanitation equipment as well as all other equipment in the production facility. 
  • All observances of damage must be reported to the Sanitation Supervisor immediately. 
  • The position is in a relatively fast-paced work environment and assignments are expected to be completed in a timely manner. 
  • The Technicians are required to work with their co-workers as a team to accomplish the tasks at hand in order to maximize sanitation effectiveness and production efficiency. 
  • All appropriate personal protective equipment must be worn and good manufacturing practices must be followed as described during orientation and refresher training sessions.


  • Wear all appropriate personal protective equipment as required and immediately report any injuries sustained.
  • Observe all personal safety precautions and report observed unsafe acts, equipment, and situations.
  • Cleaning chemicals and sanitizer solution may not be dispensed for or given to an employee outside of the Sanitation Department without approval from the Sanitation Supervisor or Lead Technician.
  • Dispense and mix cleaning chemicals ONLY as established procedures describe.  The Supervisor must be notified if a Technician believes that a standard working dilution is not appropriate for the task at hand or when it is suspected that dilution equipment is not operating properly.
  • At NO time are you permitted to climb or stand on the top of any machinery, safety rails or conveyor belts.


  • Lifting up to 50lbs, ascending/descending stairs and/or ladders
  • Bending, kneeling, and stretching for up to 25% of shift
  • Standing and/or walking for periods>8 hours
  • Working in a refrigerated environment for periods> 8 hours


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