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Buffalo, NY

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New General Labor/Press Operator on All Shifts on Cheektowaga NY!

Temp to Hire!

Bus Accessible! 

Job Duties: The associate will be placing a small piece of metal on a press machine and pushing a button to operator the machine. They will then be removing the piece of material, inspecting the piece and placing it into a bin.

Job Description:

  • Performs typical press operations
  • Setup and remove tooling 
  • Observe press in operation and make adjustments to control rate of production
  • Monitoring equipment/tooling during production stamping to ensure it is working properly. i.e. watching gages, dials, etc.
  • Quality inspections during production runs 
  • The use of micrometers, calipers, etc. to inspect/measure/visually inspect parts to ensure they conform to specifications 
  • Includes making minor repairs/maintenance such as oiling and cleaning up around the press when complete 
  • Communicating clearly and concisely with the supervisor, other production personnel and quality personnel when a problem arises 
  • Accurately complete a job routing ticket, data chart, time sheet etc. 
  • Maintain and accurate count of parts 
  • Possible second shift during peak production periods or as needed 
  • Extended period of standing while operating press and running production 
  • Follow all prescribed safety regulations i.e. PPE (safety glasses and steel toe boots) etc. 

Job Requirements

Job Requirements:

  • Safely handle scrap during and after production run 
  • When applicable, use computers for data entry
  • The employee is exposed to high noise levels from operating machine 
  • The employee is required to stand, walk, pull and bend to the floor 
  • Must have High School Diploma or Equivalent 
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