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Graphic Technician


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  • Obtain job packet with necessary information from the Graphics Supervisor or Coordinator
  • Read job packet and obtain the necessary tooling
  • Give job packet to the floor attendant to retrieve parts
  • Set up machine to function as efficiently as possible
  • Match the artwork in the  job packet to the standard in the Standard Box
  • Visually compare the artwork, customer standard, and the part produced for missing print, scratches, black spots, heat marks, or broken pieces by using standard comparison, color match, graphic location, tape test, cross-hatch and nail test for adhesion.
  • If part is acceptable notify Quality Control to sign a line standard is signed, if not then adjustments should be made by the technician
  • Monitor the production progress at rotating intervals during the day to insure continuity and conformity including placement, color and adhesion.
  • Make labels according to the customer requirements in the job packet
  • Check labels for correct information. Place one copy on the rear of the production report
  • Keep accurate records of all actions performed and requirements of the production run
  • Accurately record production rates, scrap counts and time studies on the daily production log

Job Requirements

  • Basic math 
  • Good eyesight and color perception
  • Time management
  • Accurate record keeping
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