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Maintenance Technician

Newberry, SC

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3rd shift Position 11p-7a

  1. Repair and maintain the operating condition of industrial production and processing machinery and equipment.


  1. Repair and replace broken or malfunctioning components of machinery and equipment.


  1. Observe and test the operation of machinery and equipment in order to diagnose malfunctions, using voltmeters and other testing devices.


  1. Analyze test results, machine error messages, and information obtained from operators in order to diagnose equipment problems.


  1. Disassemble machinery and equipment to remove parts and make repairs.


  1. Examine parts for defects such as breakage and excessive wear.


  1. Cut and weld metal to repair broken metal parts, fabricate new parts, and assemble new equipment.


  1. Reassemble equipment after completion of inspections, testing, or repairs.


  1. Clean, lubricate, and adjust parts, equipment, and machinery.


  1. Operate newly repaired machinery and equipment to verify the adequacy of repairs.


  1. Record parts and materials used, and order or requisition new parts and materials as necessary.


  1. Record repairs and maintenance performed.

Job Requirements


  1. High school diploma or equivalent


  1. Military training and or Technical School preferred


  1. Certificate in Industrial Maintenance or related field preferred.


  1. 0-2 years of Electro-Mechanical Automation System Installation & Troubleshooting Experience.


  1. Proven industrial experience to perform essential functions. 5 years in an Industrial Maintenance or Mechanic Position preferred


  1. An operational knowledge of automated industrial machinery which includes; motors, servos, pumps, 3 phase power,  gears, gear boxes, transmission systems, seals, lube orders and machine shop operations.


  1. A strong mechanical trouble shooting and problem solving ability with practical, mechanical & electrical aptitude.  Understand and modify machine parts and functions. Preferred.
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