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Safety Associate

orlando, FL

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A Safety Coordinator is responsible for helping to lead, motivate and foster a safety-conscious culture in the workplace to reduce accidents and injuries. He/she promotes the continuous improvement of facility safety and health systems to result in the reduction of accidents and illness, the assurance of regulatory compliance, and to make safe behaviors part of day-to-day thinking. The Safety Coordinator is expected to coordinate and manage the day-to-day activities related to meeting all safety and health standards established by applicable regulation, as well as policies and procedures established internally This position will be ideal for a floor-oriented people person who knows safety, OSHA, etc, and enjoys working with people to make a safety program come alive. The right candidate will have been through a start up or a major revision of a safety program and will have the ability to work with operations employees and managers to get a strong safety program in place. They will have the patience and commitment to work “hands on” to help the entire team understand the company's commitment to safety and the need to follow the safety programs. This is an excellent managerial opportunity, and the right candidate will have the opportunity to grow in a number of directions over time.



Job Requirements

High School Diploma Bachelors Degree in Health/Safety or related Science is preferred

3-5 years related safety work experience in manufacturing, union work environment preferred

Working knowledge of Federal, State and local regulations and industry requirements

Strong written, verbal, and presentation communication skills

Proficiency in Microsoft Office software

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