Construction Worker

Virginia Beach, VA

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Construction Assistant

The hours are M-T 5:45-4:45. 

Conducts supervised work activities based on specific instructions and schedules; performs tasks and assignments as directed; follows objectives, goals, priorities, operating policies, procedures and programs of the Interceptor Systems Department; performs activities such as, but not limited to: operating portable pumps and pneumatic tools, and other heavy equipment; remove rags, etc. from pump station motors; may assist carpenters, painters, mechanics or other tradesmen when required; clean building areas, decks, floors, gratings, and other areas to remove dirt sludge, sewage, etc.; cleans, scrapes, and paints equipment and buildings; unload delivery trucks and store materials and supplies; cuts grass and performs other yardwork; cleans sidewalks, streets, and storage areas; excavates trenches and other ground areas, by using backhoes or shovels; operates motor vehicles and heavy equipment as needed; raises and lowers manhole covers; assists in building forms for sidewalks and helps with cement finishing; assists in digging, repairing, and bracing sewer lines; may operate HRSD truck or other vehicles; use hand tools and power equipment as needed; completes schedule or assigned work activities in satisfactory and timely manner; prevents misuse and abuse of HRSD equipment, property, and resources; cooperates and works well with others; follows instructions, and exhibits dependability

Job Requirements

Work requires ability to lift heavy load (over 75 pounds).  Over 50% of work involves walking, climbing, standing or bending.  Works, at time, in an OSHA designated environment (over 85 decibels).  Must be medically certified to wear a respirator up to half an hour.

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