Seasonal IT Assistant

Wayne, NJ

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Seasonal IT Assistant !!

Key Tasks
•Ensure that IT SLAs are met. Provide corrective measures when not.
•Enforce IT standards across the entire geography.
•Coordinate with the management of the geography for accurate sizing and provisioning of IT equipment and connectivity.
•Manage all IT requirements for office setup, expansion, relocation and closure.
•Liase with procurement the procurement responsible for the purchase of IT equipment.
•Provide IT support outside of business hours as per agreed schedule.
•Maintain inventory of all computer equipment and application and ensure the correct licensing of all products.
•Ensure proper access security, data backup and recovery for all systems located within the geography,
•Assess user training needs and execute and conduct relevant training that are not core-application related.

Skills & Competencies
•Capable to make informed judgments and to generate practical, timely solutions
•Ability to lead IT project
•Ability to find pragmatic solutions by using decision making techniques
•Willingness to involve stakeholders in decision making process, to get buy-in and to implement solutions
•Readiness to continuously focus on identifying and meeting customer current and future needs
•Readiness to provide alternatives and optimized solutions to internal customers
•Ability to establish a successful long-term business partnership with internal customers
•Ability to work in a team
•Able to work in diverse environments and cultures
•Excellent communication & interpersonal skills
•Reliable & independent

Job Schedule:

8:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Monday- Friday (Saturdays when required)

Hourly Pay will be $30 per hour

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