Powder Processing


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Great opportunity for a 1st shift position in Newark NY.
Hourly pay starts at $15.00 per hour with experience!!

Essential Functions:
1. Loads and unloads material into weighing, mixing, firing, milling and screening
2. Disassembles, cleans and reassembles slurry pumps.
3. Able to use weigh-off scales.
4. Set-up, load, operate and unload mills.
5. Start, monitor, and shut down kiln.
6. Set-up, operate, and shut down sprayer dryer.
7. Able to disassemble, clean and reassemble powder screener
8. Performs in-process slurry and powder inspection which include:
• Moisture analysis
• Slurry viscosity
• Particle size determination
• Bulk and tap density
9. Maintain accurate daily operator quality records and labor tickets.
10. Perform housekeeping duties in accordance with established housekeeping and
safety procedures.
11. Able to work overtime.
12 Actively participate in monthly DOT Team meetings.
13 Follow RTC policies and procedures.
14. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.
15. Become familiar with RTC’s Quality Policy and Quality Plan and Objectives.

1. Previous manufacturing experience recommended.
2. Good math and reading skills.
3. Must have an excellent attention to detail and to be able to follow directions exactly.
4. Obtain / maintain tow motor operator certification.

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