Machinist - Level 3

Norfolk, VA

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LEVEL 3 Machinist needed in Norfolk, VA!

Level 3 Machinest that operates CNC machines and machining centers to fabricate precision parts per engineering specifications without supervision. Someone who is fully capable to perform set up without supervision on several types of machines. 


  • Able to set up and operate several types of machines including CNC machines without any supervision.
  • Strong knowledge of tools such as edge finders, indicators, and probes to find machine offsets and deviations.
  • Follows instructions, familiar with optimal cutting techniques, speeds, and feeds.
  • Can differ between machine deviations versus cutter or holding problems.
  • Thoroughly inspects first part run with high end complexity. Meets deadlines without supervision.
  • Ensures part count and data entry is accurate and consistently correct.
  • Follows all safety guidelines established by the company. Able to solve complex problems as well as routine daily issues without supervision.
  • Fluent understanding of GM codes and can edit or program on the shop floor. Looks to reduce cycle time and optimize programs with engineering and management.
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