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Depew, NY

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A Depew distribution center is seeking new candidates to join their direct to consumer order filling team.

Associates are expected to work with their team to complete direct to consumer orders using high-speed equipment within defined productivity and quality goals.

1st shift: 6am-2:30pm Monday-Friday with possible overtime before shift at 4am and Saturday if needed. 



1. Works on team operating high-speed production equipment designed to move product through package and delivery process.

2. Checks and resets lines during jams or line stops quickly and safely.

3. Supports quick change process by monitoring and adjusting gauges as needed.

4. Performs invoice function, ensuring invoices are in proper sequence, checks glue levels, completes setup checklists and performs a variety of quality checks throughout process to ensure proper materials are being used.

5. Notifies stock handlers when assigned station supplies require replenishment.

6. Uses a RF gun and sorts, packages, consolidates and palletizes packages at the Postal Sorter station.

7. Completes daily activity reports and all other required paperwork as needed.

8. Follows standard operating procedures as instructed and adopts practices and behaviors that achieve efficiency and productivity rates

9. Works collaboratively as member of team and must demonstrate support of the companies Core Values when working with others.

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