Power Assembler


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Main Purpose of Job 
Responsible for specific role(s) in the production process. Ensures that quality standards are met throughout the entire production process from raw materials to finished goods. 
Duties and Responsibilities 

• Assemble the predetermined work order quantities in the stated amount of time. 
• Ensure Safety, Quality, Delivery and Productivity to meet the company’s goals. 
• Handles assembly and sub-assembly operations. 
• Attention to detail and precision is an expectation. 
• Performs work in a safe manner following all company safety rules and procedures. 
• Looks out for team members’ safety. 
• Maintains immediate work area, tools, materials and equipment neatly and safely. 
• Maintains all necessary production records and reports and reviews manufacturing orders for variances. 
• Reports breakdowns, damages, and excess wear of production tools and equipment. 
• Attendance is an expectation. 
• Prompt and punctual reporting to work and from breaks. 

Skills and Specifications 

• Excellent communication skills 
• Ability to multi-task 
• Ability to work well with others 
• Mechanical aptitude for production equipment 
• Basic troubleshooting skills 
• Familiarity with common tools Use of power screwdriver or impact gun, staple gun. 
• Understands basic quality standards. Able to inspect for specific quality attributes 
• Attentive to detail, asks for clarification when uncertain of quality requirements 
• Ability to write and record information legibly 
• Ability to read, understand, and follow work instructions 

Education and Qualifications 

• High School Diploma or GED 
• 1-3 years of production experience required

2nd shift position

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