Maintenance Mechanic

Norfolk, VA

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Building Maintenance Mechanic - Norfolk, VA 

Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. with ½ lunch (Monday-Friday)

Hourly Pay: $12/hour

Must have own tools.


Duties: Performs routine grounds maintenance as assigned: removes litter and debris from lawns, sidewalks, and streets.

Performs routine structural preventive maintenance, repairs, and replacements on public housing units: performs routine wall repairs; window repairs or replacements; floor repairs or replacements, including minor tile repairs; door repairs or replacements; door hardware installations, repairs, and replacements; window screen and door screen repairs or replacements; ceiling repairs; roof repairs or replacements; and may help install and repair wheelchair or loading ramps.

Performs routine paint preparation and painting assignments: patches, caulks, sands, and masks areas to be painted; and paints areas.

Performs routine plumbing preventive maintenance, repairs, and replacements: performs routine plumbing fixture maintenance, repair, or replacement, such as installing fixtures, clearing stopped toilets; repairing water heater, replacing valves, clearing blocked drains, minor faucet and toilet repairs; and drains sewer and water main lines.

Performs routine appliance preventive maintenance, repairs, and replacements: performs routine stove and oven repairs, such as repairing and replacing gas stove regulators, control knobs, and heating elements; and performs routine refrigerator repairs, such as cleaning refrigerators, clearing drains, and replacing parts.

Performs routine electrical preventive maintenance, repairs, and replacements: performs routine light fixture installations, repairs, and replacements; light switch repairs and replacements; smoke alarm installation, repairs, and replacements; minor circuit breaker repairs; intercom repairs; and electrical outlet repairs and replacements.

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