Sanitation Technician

Lancaster, NY

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FOOD PROCESSING SANITATION TECHNICIAN:  Maintains the cleanliness of the physical plant and equipment, including the building structure and food processing equipment, within cleaning time deadlines.

  • Washes, cleans and sanitizes all the outside of the production line equipment at the end of the production week or after a changeover to prevent cross- contamination of product.
  • Cleans walls, floors, overhead pipes, and drains within the department using established procedures.
  • Washes all utensils used for processing and mixing of products.
  • Will be trained and certified to follow sanitation procedures for proper chemical solutions use, and proper concentrations so that it is not harmful to workers or equipment.
  • Checks cleaning records indicating frequency, duration, temperature, concentration and use of final sanitizing product.
  • Coordinates cleaning with maintenance & production for on time production start-up. Understands and follows the Daily and Master Sanitation Schedule


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