CNC Machinists (Operators and Technicians)

Norristown, PA

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Operate and Set up CNC Milling or Swiss Lathe machines to produce parts, all of which must meet the dimensional specifications of the mechanical engineered drawing. 

Job Responsibilities for Machine Operators: 

• Setup tools, geometry offsets, program offsets, comprehend program code, all inclusive to enable part to run successfully in machine. Load/unload parts from machine. Measure and inspect. Make dimensional adjustments (offsets). Resolve and communicate problems/issues to attention of Group manager. 
• Accurately complete all quality control documentation and inspection sheets.
• Follows verbal and/or written instructions such as blueprints, traveler, work instruction, process specifications, sketches, and direction from supervisor in completing a variety of machining and inspection tasks. 
• Work efficiently to achieve targeted goals.
• Performs other duties as assigned, to maintain efficiency throughout the company. 

Job Responsibilities for Machine Technicians: 
• Properly and safely loads and unloads materials in CNC machinery 
• Uses gauges and measuring instruments to meet tolerance requirements 
• Ability to setup, program, operate and troubleshoot CNC without assistance. Must be self-sufficient. 

• Must have a high school diploma (or equivalent).
• Ability to read part drawings. 
• Clean, organized, and multi-task capability to operate multiple machines.
• Team player, open to new ideas and team work, self-motivated individual, willingness to continually strive to increase personal knowledge and value.
• Above average manual dexterity and mechanical aptitude.
• Intermediate Math skills in geometric and trigonometric formulas a plus.
• Visual inspection with the use of a microscope on small parts with attention to detail.

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