Graphic Artist


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Remedy Staffing is looking for someone with experience in Graphic Arts to work at a printing company in Dansville NY.

The main duty of the designer is to present projects or information in a memorable way. 

Applicant must have a wide knowledge in graphic design, web design, and computer software. Designers must have artistic sensibility, knowledge of design elements, artistic ability and creativity. Candidates must also have problem solving skills and a knack for choosing the right fonts, colors, and lines while conveying meaning. Since a graphic artist job requires using design software such as Photoshop, animation, AutoCad, and other complex computer software, this person must possess technical skills. Graphic artists need to be organized, must have time management skills and general business skills in order to meet deadlines and stay within the budget.

Pay will depend on experience

Daytime Hours 5am to 330pm 

Comfortable and Safe environment 

Job Requirements

  • excellent organizational skills and time management
  • ability to solve visual problems
  • must be imaginative
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