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Shipping and Receiving


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Job Requirements: 

- Keep records of all incoming and outgoing shipments

- Ensure that shipments are accurate

- Record shipping information and shipment data

- Prepare and analyze invoices and shipping orders

- Check for damages and errors when shipments arrive

- Keep track of inventory

- Package materials and prepare them to be shipped

- Figure out which method of transportation is the best way to transfer materials

- Handle questions from customers and perform other customer service tasks

- Store and handle materials safely

- May or may not need to be able to use a forklift 

Job Requirements


- Be familiar with a variety of tools, equipment, and software, such as SAP software, ERP software, warehouse management system software, inventory management software, and Microsoft Office

- Communication skills

- Customer service skills

- Critical thinking skills

- Time management skills

- Leadership skills - Mathematical skills

- Be detail-oriented

- Be able to communicate effectively with others

- Be able to work well as part of a team

- Have a high level of dexterity

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