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This position requires working on the most technical elements of the assembly process to include tensile testing ropes on-site using 1 million lb capacity test machine that is 650ft long.

Under the direction of the Production Manager, the production team is tasked with manufacturing and testing terminated synthetic fiber systems - focusing on safety and quality. Client sets entirely new standards for the production of
synthetic cable assemblies, with focus on providing their customers with reliable, high performance alternatives
to steel. Specifically, this position is primarily focused on the critical – to – performance and quality elements of the
manufacturing process for our highest tensile capacity – cutting edge products. This requires and combination
of technical and mechanical acumen as well as hands-on work.

Job Requirements


o Follow pre-defined instructions to build high tensile capacity products to specifications
o Understand and adhere to established quality standards
o Adhere to relevant ISO9001 procedures for production
o Cut, prep, glue/infuse, cure, and assemble test cable assemblies per provided specifications
o Test cables per specifications using tensile beds, specialty tools, and measuring devices
o Communicate status and results of work to supervisors
o Use PC software to assist with testing as well as manufacturing of test cables

o Operate equipment related to testing, specifically, this will be tensile testing of synthetic fiber
rope assemblies – tests will be conducted on-site as well as off-site
o Execute tests by adhering to engineering plans
o Responsible for setup of test equipment per engineering instructions.
o Analyze and interpret test data, as necessary

• General:
o Adhere to all safety protocols and general best practices
o Contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed
o Provide required support for ISO 9001:2015 and other quality requirements

• Ability to thrive in a very dynamic work setting
• Minimum 2 years of manufacturing experience is required
• Technical problem solving; the ability to assess a technical issue, derive the root cause, and formulate
a course of action to repair / correct deficiencies
• Must be able to collaborate with a team of operators to conduct critical assembly tasks and ensure
activity meets required specifications
• Experience with MS Office (Word and Excel)

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