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Payroll Benefits Coordinator

Jacksonville, FL

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The Payroll/Benefits Coordinator performs duties within the HR dept, monitor attendance, collect data from employees and fill out paperwork regarding employment, benefit plans.  They also supply employees with manuals, booklets, forms and provider information. They also process leave requests from employees, facilitate affirmative action laws, and post state and federal labor regulations.  They may also be responsible for employee job descriptions and performance evaluations as well as welcome and provide orientation to new employees while performing background checks and investigating references.  Payroll Coordinators must keep meticulous records on each employee in order to prepare checks and deduct taxes.  

Job Requirements

  • Compile payroll data such as employee verification, garnishments, vacation time, increases, insurance and 401(k) deductions.
  • Poll electronic time clocks and review the downloaded information for completeness and accuracy.
  • Contact various department supervisors for any missed times.
  • Print Punch Detail Report when all time cards are printed and complete, verify hours.
  • Create payroll file and Import to Pay Expert.
  • Verity Batch totals with last page of Punch Detail Report.
  • Create payroll file and submit to Paylocity timely.
  • Once payroll is sent back from Paylocity, verify accuracy and Accept or Reject. If errors are found, correct and then resubmit after you have waited 30 minutes.
  • Roll payroll over each Thursday and start new cycle. Notify Controller once received.
  • Verify check received by the Payroll Register to ensure you have received all checks. Mail and specific checks required.
  • Separate by supervisor and hand out each Friday.
  • Each Monday run temporary staff time cards, give to supervisor for approval and fax to agency by 10:00 a.m.
  • Other duties may be assigned to meet business needs.
  • Support Web Portal
  • Assist with Events
  • Conduct on boarding administrative duties
  • Leave administration
  • Coordinate 30, 60, 90 day review process
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