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Engine Overhaul


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Engine Disassembly

  1. Refer to Tear Down binder for information
  2. Request engine blue book and green sheet (tag) from production office
    • Ensure a work order number has been assigned
  3. Clock in to job on computer
  4. Have warehouse manager retrieve engine and place on engine stand
  5. Verify sales sheet matches model and serial number of engine and data plate; If data plate does not match work order paperwork advise supervisor to have paperwork corrected.
  6. Fill out check in sheet completely
  7. Take pictures of engine, including fitting angles, special parts, data plate
  8. Fill out missing parts sheet and turn in to production office along with camera.
  9. Remove ignition harness, spark plugs, magnetos and starter
  10. Remove valve covers, rocker arms, pushrods from cylinder
  11. Remove cylinders and preserve cylinder barrels
  12. Remove plugs and screen from sump then remove sump
    • Special tools and instruction to be provided
  13. Remove plugs and fittings from accessory housing then remove accessory housing
  14. Remove case through studs, plugs and fittings and separate crankcase halves
  15. Remove connecting rods from crankshaft
  16. Remove crankshaft from engine stand
  17. Note unusual damage, issues or engine wear to

Job Requirements

Must be able to purchase own tools shortly after hire.

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