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Computer Programmer

Thomasville, GA

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Computer Programmer

Minimum Technical Requirements and Experience:

Must have worked on an iSeries or AS/400 a minimum of 5 - 8 years

Must have coded for a minimum of 5 - 8 years in RPGIV or RPGILE

Must be a heavy weight in writing interactive applications, including Subfile processing. Must be able to handle multiple subfiles in a program.

Must have a solid understanding of how the iSeries locks file records and successfully code for it            

Must have "second nature" skills with the following iSeries utilities:

SDA (Screen Design Aid)

SEU (Source Entry Utility)

PDM (Program Development Manager)

Job Requirements

Must have good command of the iSeries

Must be able to generate CLLE or CLP code

Must have working understanding of the Relational Database architecture of the iSeries or AS/400  Must be able to execute development of new programs, as well as maintenance of existing programs

Must be able to work on projects independently and be highly organized

Must understand the basics of software development and be able to contribute when required to design and analyze solutions.

Must be able to work with others in a team environment

Must be able to adhere to existing software development standards

Good communication skills are required

Must be able to create system level documentation Must have a teachable attitude

Other Requirements Preferred:

Experience with imbedded SQL statements in RPGIV or RPGILE is a plus

Required education:

Associate, Bachelors and/or Masters Required experience:

Computer Programming: 5 - 8 years

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