Die Mechanic

Columbia, SC

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Principal Duties:

  1. Must be able to perform the duties of a Die Mechanic.
  1. Clean dies per die cleaning procedure.
  1. Make up dies as needed by nylon and polyester and place in preheat      ovens - 3" and 6" dies (#1 priority).
  1. Must be familiar with all screen packs, inspecting dies, etc...
  1. Possess standard mechanic tools to perform routine maintenance

     mechanic functions.

  1. Knowledge and capability of utilizing standard tools in professional manner.
  1. Knowledge of all spooling units, all type spools and be able to set

     up any type spooling unit.

  1. Knowledge of standard mechanical equipment, but not limited to

     bearing, belts, chain, gear driving and motors.

  1. Ability to diagnose mechanical and gear problems and make repairs      involving mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic.
  1. Capable of completing job assignments, within a reasonable time

     or pre-determined time.

Minor Duties:

  1. Must be willing to perform other related duties as assigned.

Qualifications Required:

  1. Should have at least a high school diploma or equivalent.
  1. Must be able to read information and numbers, make basic

     mathematical calculations, and write legibly.

Job Requirements

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