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by Alaina Bonner, Client Partnership Supervisor at Remedy Intelligent Staffing

When seeking employment and reviewing job offers, what is the most important factor to consider? Thinking about this question myself, I jumped to the first answer I assume most of us would: salary. But with a little more than two years into my career, I quickly realized that while salary will always continue to be an important factor when considering a new position, there are so many other benefits and incentives to contemplate. For me, an important aspect of the search became finding a positive workplace culture. 

From discussions about work-life balance to available health benefits, it is easy to stray away from the important impact positive culture can have on both employer and employee. Let’s look at three positive outcomes from implementing positive culture within the workplace:

  • Happier employees = better productivity

When an employee is unhappy at their place of employment, it lowers productivity immensely. It’s difficult to motivate an individual to get excited about a project or the company they work for if they are dreading going into the office every morning. Having a positive culture will allow employees the opportunity to get engaged and excited about the work they are doing. When employees are working in an environment that allows the opportunity for growth, collaboration, and creativity, it allows them the opportunity to work with coworkers in a team environment and gives them the room to inspire and create in their position. Employees who are happy in their environment and who are given the opportunity to succeed and grow within their role will generally exceed expectations.

  • Positive culture = the secret to retention

Employees who are happy with their jobs aren’t typically on the job market looking for the next best thing. When companies make an effort to engage their employees, those employees will not only feel a sense of value but they will also feel connected in the overall work and available growth opportunities. Happy employees will have a sense of loyalty for their company, which will ultimately impact the company’s ability to not only attract talent but also retain it!

  • Company brand

Today, job seekers can find anything from reviews on a company to starting salaries when interviewing for a job. This research has become such an important step in job seeking that it is imperative for companies to have positive reviews on their workplace culture. These online reviews allow jobseekers the chance to get an insight into what employees think about their position and their employer. The reviews a company has, both positive and negative, can shape its public identity and brand for better or worse. Having a good culture will not only help retain talent, it will also help attract new talent! Happy employees will push your company’s brand into the light with genuine, heartening reviews and give your company that positive identity and brand which is vital in today’s job market.  

With so many things to consider when joining a new company, having a recognized positive work culture will set your company apart to job seekers and help you retain top talent. It all boils down to one thing: What would you want your employees to say about your company?

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